The only thing that excites me about the cooler weather is Elle and Riley Cashmere.  Honestly it is. I just absolutely love the feeling of it on my skin and there are so many amazing styles and colours that can be worn for every occasion.  I don't think there is a day in Autumn, Winter or Spring that I don't have something cashmere on my body!  Even on cool summer nights there is always a cardi or poncho in my hand bag.  These ladies have changed my life. 

- Kaz Staples, Pure Delish

I adore Elle + Riley Cashmere. The styling, colour range and quality is world class.  Even better when I send this exquisite  cashmere as a gift it’s beautifully wrapped and delivered the same day. These ladies truly understand what the customer needs.

- Diane Forman, NZ Natural Ice Cream Entrepreneur 

I’ve become known for living in my Elle + Riley Cashmere. It’s that good.

- Emma Creighton




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