Sustainable + Ethical

Sustainable + Ethical 

Elle + Riley cashmere is sourced from the natural habitat and surrounds of the Gobi desert, nestled in between the depths of inner Mongolia and borders of Northern China. 

Elle + Riley is a purveyor of timeless and sustainable fashion, choosing only to select the finest raw materials which in turn are only collected by professional clippers from Inner Mongolia, Tibet and Northwest China. This careful selection process and partnership with local partners ensures that measured controls around herd size and the ethical treatment of animals provides care and sustainability for the local environment. 

The herds that our yarn is collected from live free from hunger and thirst by providing them access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigor. They are provided with a living environment that has large grazing spaces, proper facilities including shelter and a comfortable resting area. 

The ultra-soft raw material is combed from the goat’s undercoat. Only highly skilled textile and yarn spinners are employed to produce the cashmere that is used in our garments. Elle + Riley is committed to ensuring fair pay and working conditions are provided.

The founders of Elle + Riley have worked with their partners in Nepal, Beijing and Shanghai since the inception of the brand, visiting the facilities to ensure their quality standards and ethical ideals are met. 


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