Meet a couple of ladies dear to Elle & Riley: the divine Tatum Savage who we've worked with for many years now across brand campaigns, strategy and more recently PR, and her mama Lynda who you can enjoy shopping with in our Ponsonby store.

Mother and grandmother to Maddox & Valentina, they share a deep adoration for these little cuties. Lynda cherishes giving them "unconditional love with no borders" and Tatum banks "every laugh, every cuddle, every moment and feels grateful everyday to be their mother."

Dressed in new to range sweaters coming soon, and Valentina in our brand new cashmere tracksuit, Tatum muses that "cashmere is akin to a mothers love and resilience. Life is imperfect, much like a natural yarn, but despite the undulations of life a mother's strength to protect her babies and provide them the happiest life she can is forever."

Read Tatum and Lynda's full Q&A below.

What does being a mother and grandmother to kiddies Maddox and Valentina mean to you?

Lynda - I can give them unconditional love with no borders.  Watching them grow into themselves.  How they re-energise me.  The endless opportunities to create memories.  The fun, the giggles, the chat, the hugs.

Tatum - I adore being a mother, and tell my kids every night before they go to sleep that they make my heart sing and that I’m the luckiest mama in the world.  My mother told me every day that she loved me and she meant it, and I do the same.  The love I feel for them is like no other I’ve experienced, and although it is the most challenging chapter of my life it is equally the most rewarding.  I cherish and memory bank every laugh, every cuddle, every moment and feel grateful everyday that I’m lucky enough to be a mother.  

Tatum - In what ways does the softness and elegance of cashmere reflect the timeless love and support you've received from your mother throughout your life?

My mother has always been the epitome of grace - soft but striking, elegant but with an inner strength that is to be admired, fierce but unflappable.  Her support for me has been absolutely unwavering, and I will be eternally grateful for the sacrifices she has made for me to have an incredibly fortuitous life.  My mother Lynda has always risen to the occasion for me, and always conducted herself with such grace and graciousness.  I saw this quality in her beautiful mother, and I hope that I can keep these wonderful qualities alive and pass them on to my children

Lynda - what motherly and grandmotherly acts of kindness and care for you as a child do you emulate from your own mother?

To always make others feel welcome, special and safe.  To listen without always having to feel the need to advise or answer.  To be helpful.  To be respectful.  That it’s ok to be “silly” sometimes.  That love can be simple gestures.

How do you think the delicate nature of cashmere reflects the gentle strength and resilience of mothers?

Lynda - Cashmere will always retain its natural original structure of warmth, comfort, style and integrity, just like the resilient nature of mothers.

Tatum - cashmere and its enduring nature are akin to a mothers love and resilience.  Life is imperfect, much like a natural yarn, but despite the undulations of life a mother’s strength to protect her babies and provide them the happiest life she can is forever.

Question for Maddox and Valentina - describe your mama in 3 words, and describe your Oyoy in 3 words!

Maddox - Mum - thoughtful, fearless, nurturing.  Oyoy - respectful, generous, caring.

Valentina - Mum - kind, supportive, fair.  Oyoy - storyteller from her past, kind, beautiful.


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