At the very heart of our campaign are Elle & Riley co-founders, Elle Pugh and Yolande Ellis. As a brand founded by mother and daughter, the timeless bond between mothers and children is one that we cherish deeply. In our latest installment of 'Mothers in Cashmere' we sit down with Elle & Yo to discuss the closeness they share.

You can read their beautiful interview below and to learn more about why cashmere is so special to them. We hope you enjoy our series celebrating mothers, grandmothers and mother figures, and wish you a beautiful Mother's Day however you choose to spend it.

How would you describe your mother-daughter bond with each other?

Elle - When I was growing up it was just the two of us at home, so we are incredibly close and I think have always leaned on each other from that. It means we are very similar and share the same love for all things fashion, food and travel - things I definitely picked up from Mum and that keeps us connected even from afar. The sacrifices my Mum has made for me and the experiences we have shared together have forged a special bond. 

Yo - in what ways do you like to incorporate the luxurious softness of cashmere into moments of motherly care?

"I love bringing a bit of luxury into everyday moments by using cashmere. Wrapping up in a cosy cashmere blanket during movie night or wearing comfy cashmere robes in the morning over coffee, makes everything feel extra special. Even on chillier days, throwing on some cashmere scarves or sweaters for a quick stroll outside creates a special bond. And you know, having cashmere socks or slippers during a lazy day at home? Total game-changer. It’s all about turning those simple moments into something memorable and cosy. I love to celebrate milestones and special occasions with the gift of cashmere. A soft sweater or a beautifully knitted cashmere hat for your child, or a luxurious shawl for yourself, can make celebrations like birthdays and holidays feel even more cherished.

Can you recall a specific moment when the softness of cashmere brought you comfort during a challenging time in your journey as a mother or daughter?

Elle - Not a specific moment to pinpoint, but any time I've felt upset, been unwell, or just helpless in a situation, snuggling up in my cashmere robe or under a cashmere blanket with my Mum provides some kind of safety that's hard to replicate. It's like when you are a child and have your favourite blanky... the softness and feeling you get is so reassuring and is also something that is so nice to give to others in a time of need. The gift of cashmere is unbeatable.

Elle - How does the feeling of cosy cashmere remind you of the comfort and care your mother provided during your childhood?

Rather than it being a specific memory, it's something that was just always there - just like Mum. From cosying up to watch a movie on the couch, or some of my first hand-me-downs from Mum were her cashmere pieces, passed down with love, it's always evoked a feeling of home, somewhere warm and welcoming that I will always have a place in. 

Elle - you’ve recently moved overseas so won’t be with Yo this Mother’s Day.  How will you be showing your gratitude to her this Mother’s Day?

I can't give that away! But I will definitely be making sure she knows how much I appreciate her, and how much I will be missing a long lunch at Prego!


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