As a brand founded by mother and daughter, Yolande and Elle, the timeless bond between mothers and children is one that we cherish deeply. Welcome to our 'Mothers in Cashmere' series where over the next two weeks in the lead up to Mother's Day we'll celebrate the connection between mothers, grandmothers, mother figures and their children by introducing you to some incredible mothers we respect and admire.

In a campaign shot by mother of three and friend of the brand Olivia Kirkpatrick, who brought her magic to set photographing these beautiful mothers and children of all ages, we dressed our families in our cashmere, a fibre we believe is akin to a mother's love: enduring, soft and resilient. Meet Sarah Murray- mother of Sloane, Rafferty and Darby, editor and owner of esteemed Fashion Quarterly publication this highly accomplished lady has an absolute heart of gold. We loved dressing her in our Waffle Jacket, a piece that is truly classic but also means business.

Sarah describes motherhood as 'the greatest role of her life' - and you can read her full Q&A with us below.

What does being a mother to your gorgeous kiddies Sloane, Rafferty & Darby mean to you?

It's dainty kisses, weighted hugs, lolly bribes, tantrums, and a never-ending trail of toys. It's frustration and exasperation mixed with the most wild imaginations. It's big tears and little tears - not always from them! It's all consuming, overwhelming, drowning in a sea of mum guilt, of worry, and of love. It's highs and lows that ebb and flow each day, each month, each year. It's the greatest role of my life.

How do you think the delicate nature of cashmere reflects the gentle strength and resilience of mothers?

As a mother you're always on call to comfort your children - whether it's a scraped knee or something on a more emotional level. It's because of this mums can appear soft like cashmere, but in reality mums are resilient. They are often the backbone of the family and will do anything to protect their babies.

What motherly acts of kindness and care for you as a child do you emulate from your mama?

I wish I could say that I bake with my kids often, like my mum did with me, but I'm absolutely not a whizz in the kitchen like she is.  Growing up my mum was such an affectionate mum -  each night she'd always read to us, plant a garden on our backs (ie. scratch it!) and make up silly songs. Without even realising it, I've brought that into my nighttime routine with my kids. 

What does your ideal Mother’s Day look like?

My friends and I always plan a Mother's Day staycation in the lead up to Mother's Day. We like to have some time away from the kids to celebrate it! I never really mind what we do on Mother's Day, but I live for handmade cards! Now we have two at school, you get the most wonderful hilarious drawings and childhood musings put down on paper. I may not keep all their art works, but I keep those.

Question for Sloane, Rafferty & Darby - describe your mama in 3 words!

Sloane: Lovely, silky hair, smells nice 

Rafferty: Beautiful, kind, the best

Darby:  Good, happy, my favourite


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