New Zealand Cashmere Wrap

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6 x $81.66
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Colour - Grey Marle

Grey Marle

Our New Zealand Cashmere Wrap is collected and crafted in New Zealand right from the source. 

It starts in the Catlin Ranges, rugged country at the bottom of New Zealand's South Island. Here the wind arrives direct and uninterrupted in its journey from Antartica.

A 600 strong herd of goats from the deep south grow cashmere wool as their winter coat. They are then shorn for their fine hair, so light they literally float in the air. The fibres are then sent to our capital city of Wellington to be spun and turned into yarn.  

Finally it is transported to Auckland where it is knitted locally into our beautiful wraps, so that you can have a treasured piece of New Zealand, supporting our local industry.

100% New Zealand Cashmere
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