We often get asked, what do you sell in summer? The answer is - Cashmere!

Here's why...

Cashmere comes from beautiful Kashmir goats like these. The goats live in extreme seasonal temperatures across the Gobi desert, through Inner Mongolia, and Iran.

This means their wool is required to be lightweight, but insulating, to cater for all seasons.

Cashmere is lighter than sheep's wool, and up to eight times more insulating (warmer), making it the perfect year-round fibre.

As cashmere is a 100% natural fibre, it is able to help us maintain consistent body temperature by allowing our skin to breathe, so you will not overheat. Moisture wicking fibres absorb perspiration and expel it in the form of vapour, keeping us cool and odour resistant.

Cashmere feels like a soft hug.

There's nothing better than arriving home after a sunset ocean swim, popping on your favourite piece of oversized cashmere and settling in for the evening.


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