The talented cashmere stylists that run our Havelock North Store are lead by our wonderful manager Poppy. We chat to her about what she loves most in Hawke's Bay and of course her love affair with cashmere. 

How would you define your personal style?

Minimal and classic with a sprinkle of mystery. I adore timeless quality pieces and have a sweet spot for vintage designer items.

What is your favourite thing about cashmere?

It is unbelievably cosy, warm and totally luxurious. Cashmere is very special and should be loved for many years.

Best spot in Hawkes Bay?

Shine Falls is truly so magical, and amazes me every time I visit.

Where do you get your coffee in Havelock North?

A little bit here and there. I like to share the love around so you’ll see me supporting everyone where I can. I love popping in to see the lovely gals at ‘Pixie Bowls’, the next day you might find me at ‘Ballatino’s’. When I need a coffee and a croissant I’ll be heading to ‘Workroom’.


What is your favourite current E&R piece?

We have so many beautiful styles it's hard to pick a favourite. If I had to choose I would have to say the ‘Shiloh Cashmere Crew Sweater’. Try this one on and tell me it doesn't feel like a hug!

Who inspires you? Can be style or just life in general?

My family and friends inspire me everyday. I'm surrounded by very creative, talented, loving people who are all doing incredible things. Style wise it will forever and always be Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.


When I'm not working I'm... 

Enjoying every little bit of the Hawke’s Bay sunshine, and sneaking into my day a Pilates/Yoga class at Alma Studio.


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