Eco Birch is a new sustainable yarn we have introduced to our 
collection this year. We chose this yarn for its organic and sustainable 
qualities. It reflects the natural beauty of pure cashmere, which is found 
naturally and is blended from the 3 natural tones of the cashmere 
goat's coat - creamy whites, warm greys and earthy browns. 
The Eco un-dyed cashmere retains all of the yarns natural characteristics;
purity of colour, super soft handle, durability, breathability with the 
added bonus of offering a pollutant free biodegradable option cradle 
to cradle.

Completely dye-free and with only the essential processes of blending, 
carding and spinning applied, this is cashmere in its most pure true 
The beautiful natural hues are a result of well cared for cashmere 
goats that graze on a healthy diet in mountainous pastures with plenty 
of sunshine and water.

Un-dyed cashmere offers the ultimate solution when you are looking 
for a truly organic, sustainable and luxury yarn that is both kind to your skin 
and to the planet. 
Elle + Riley Eco Birch is available in a range of timeless styles. Enter 'Eco Birch' in the search bar of our website to peruse through the full range. Or head in to your nearest store to chat to our friendly team. 


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