This season we partnered with Elle + Riley muse and Kiwi creative, Jaime Ridge who showcases our latest cashmere collection from her enviable home in Los Angeles, California.

Jaime recently co-founded Sausse, a global product sourcing and and personal curation service for fashion and interior connoisseurs. On top of creating her own content and styling for global luxury brands, Jaime embraces hard work and entrepreneurship with style and grace. 

We chatted with Jaime about life and inspiration in her new home in Los Angeles, California. 

How would you describe your home (interior) style and where do you look for inspiration?
We are currently in renovation mode, so my home and current interior style is very much evolving - much to my contractors horror! However in terms of decor, I would say I have and will always lean towards purchasing investment pieces for my home - much like the way I approach my wardrobe - pieces I will have
forever. Each and every addition, whether it be furniture, art or simple things like dinner sets are meticulously considered. I like a clean and clear space, that leaves room for my pieces to breathe and be appreciated. When I purchase furniture, I try to buy pieces that I see as works of art, I generally try to steer away from mass produced items or brands and look to small boutique brands or vintage pieces that are restored or that I can restore. Having said that, it’s far easier to do this in LA, where vintage pieces and boutique furniture makers are plentiful. In terms of my inspiration, I just go with my gut, things I immediately love. I try not to follow trends too much, rather I purchase pieces that feel authentic to me and my personal style.

Jaime wears Layla Cashmere Crew, Ribbed Cashmere Shorts, Cashmere Heart Socks

Favourite things to do/places to visit in LA when you have time off?
I love taking our vintage Porsche, with the top off, through the hills and along the PCH to Soho House Little Beach House in Malibu, it’s honestly my favourite thing to do. Clears the mind and the soul and leaves me feeling refreshed and incredibly grateful. Weekend trips to Palm Springs, morning hikes and dining at some of the incredible restaurants here in LA also occupy our much loved time off.

You have some beautiful artwork in your home, how do you discover these and/or new artists?

Thank you! My Mumma is a passionate art collector and has a breathtaking collection of mostly New Zealand artists work, so collecting and scouting new artists has been a part of my life since as long as I can remember. I have built my collection over the years, having received my first piece commissioned by John
Pule at age 12, so my love and total appreciation of art has certainly evolved over the years. Finding new artists is something that really excites me. My younger brother founded York Gallery, an online platform that highlights and sells the work of up and coming artists, so I work alongside him when I’m in need of a new
piece as well as just general online researching. Once you get into an art hole, it’s hard to get out - something my husband sometimes struggles to understand!

What do you do when you need a mood boost?
I call my mum, my grandma or my business partner and best friend Sarah Jayne. Talking to the people I love when I’m feeling flat immediately lifts my spirits and makes me feel whole again.

Favourite items to wear at home?
My beige leather slippers paired with my grey-marle Elle + Riley Cashmere Polo and matching Ribbed Boy Shorts. Chic and put together, but also cosy and comfortable.


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