Our Co-Founder Elle recently took the Maserati Grecale for a test drive, thanks to our friends at Winger Maserati. From transporting cashmere to and from our exquisite boutiques, to holding virtual meetings in her 'mobile office', the Grecale provided luxurious comfort for a busy day on the road. 

We chat to Elle about her daily routine and why the partnership fits so seamlessly. 

Elle: "The Maserati Grecale and Elle & Riley Cashmere share a common thread—a pursuit of perfection through impeccable craftsmanship and a dedication to delivering unrivalled elegance. Maserati call it - Everyday Exceptional. 

I’m usually driving a Levante so taking out the Grecale was so fun. Although it’s a slightly smaller vehicle it still feels incredibly spacious and comfortable. 

Features like car play and the new and improved control panel make it so easy to use especially on busy days when I’m driving around the city visiting my Auckland boutiques. It means I can multitask and drive in comfort - it’s essentially my mobile office!" 

Read more below on how I spent my day thanks to Winger Maserati 

5.30-7.30AM - My morning routine revolves around embracing the early hours with purpose. As a recent convert to becoming a morning person, I rise before the sun to kick start my day and head to the gym for a workout - either a weight session with my PT or a spin class to get the blood flowing. Afterward, my husband and I usually take our dog George for a walk. 

8AM - 9AM - As I prepare for the day I select my cashmere looks that reflect my confidence and self expression, setting the stage for a productive and full day. At the moment my favourite is our Luxe Mock Neck in Butter - the perfect shade of yellow paired with a classic black trouser and a matching Cashmere Travel Wrap. I feel the cold so I always need layers on to add or remove throughout the day. 

9AM - Every day brings a new challenge as I navigate the diverse facets of my professional life. My mornings typically begin with a couple of focussed hours working from the comfort of my home where I clear emails, host meetings with offshore advisors and suppliers, and catch up on any urgent tasks.

11AM - Today I’m visiting our beautiful stores. I always stop for  coffee at my local, before heading to our Newmarket and Remuera boutiques to engage in training sessions with my team and serve customers in store.  I also pick up orders for clients that are to be hand delivered - I couldn’t get around Auckland in such comfort and style without the help from our partners at Winger Maserati. The Grecale SUV is perfect for transporting stock, and is spacious enough to work as a mobile office. 


LUNCHTIME - If I’m in Newmarket for lunch I’m either heading to the Candy Shop or &Sushi for a quick bite to eat. I usually take my laptop with me so I sit there for an extra hour to fire off any urgent emails or dive into creative tasks. We are currently working on our Spring/Summer collection so design feedback, reporting and forecasting is at the top of my list. 

5PM - Headed home in the comfort of my Grecale and it's out for another walk with my husband and our dog, it’s a nice way to connect  at the end of the day before preparing dinner - I’m a real foodie but during the week I keep it simple with meat and salad or vegetables. 

Relaxation & health tips

Over a year ago I dropped caffeine out of my daily routine (I still drink decaf) and it has done wonders for my mental clarity! I can sometimes get really bogged down with a task and lose my train of thought, I find the best thing to do then is to get outside in fresh air for 5-10 minutes and reset or have some play time with my dog.

Evening Routine 

After dinner I usually sit down and watch an hour of tv with my husband then start getting ready for bed. I am very strict with my skincare routine so this takes a good amount of time each night. I’m in bed by 9pm (early I know), with a book (usually a crime fiction novel) and lights out before 10pm. I need at least 8 hours sleep to function so ensuring I achieve this is a big part of my self care routine. 

Purchase a Grecale from Winger Maserati and receive a complimentary Elle & Riley Cashmere Travel Wrap valued at $498, and a Savor Group voucher valued at $150


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